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registrations final

All race registrations are non-refundable, regardless of weather, injury or personal conflicts. You may transfer your registration for a fee to another racer, depending on the event. In the event that you cannot make the event, please contact us and we will make arrangement to get your swag items that you paid for with your registration.

strollers and dogs

Please check the FAQ section and/or registration page of your event to see if strollers are allowed. The usage of strollers is dependent upon path and event size, for the safety of all participants. If you do use a stroller, please start towards the back of the line for the safety of child and runners.

We love our furry friends (we have 3!) however, we do not allow pups in any of our events. Please keep them at home, or on the sidelines with a trusted family member. Big crowds in the race can be overwhelming for even the most well-trained pups, and an inexperienced fellow racer may not be familiar with dogs, so for everyone's safety, comfort and well-being (both human and canine), our four-legged friends cannot race.

privacy & safety

Your privacy is important to us. We do not sell your information to any vendors or sponsors. We will occasionally partner with other local companies to share products and events, however your information is kept with us and is being sent from our own database, from us. We like to share cool events, and cool products that we use (and we promise not to send too many emails- usually no more than 2 a month!)

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